Every card and print in the "Backwards Bunny Card Line" is an original, hand drawn design and is copy righted by artist, Angie Klouser of St. Thomas, Pennsylvania . 


     Many of her creative ideas and creations come from the Simple Things in Her Life such as .... her love of God and of Country, her family traditions and beliefs, her pets, and the country lifestyle inwhich she is accustomed to. The mountains of her hometown and country living is a big part of her life and it doesn't get much better for her than cowboy boots and jeans .


     After each design is hand drawn and a backwards bunny placed somewhere in her drawing, she then applies her color technique to the her cards and prints. A saying for the card is then created to go with that card design. After that, the next step is for the drawings and sayings to be taken to the printers to be printed into card form or print form. All prints are hand signed and dated by the artist, along with the name of the design on the back of every print. When the prints are printed and then received at the printers , they are then taken home and personally cut and framed by the artist herself. 


     All cards and prints in "The Backwards Bunny Card Line" are printed on what looks like to be, old, vintage brown card stock. This paper is what gives the cards their "Old Country Look."  Every card & print are printed on 100 % recycled paper and is eco friendly to the environment. Each card is also PROUDLY MADE IN THE U.S.A.


     If you're the type of person who is always looking for something original and unique, then these cards from "The Backwards Bunny  Card Line " are just what you're looking for .





   Country Grapevine & Stars frame the words on the inside of each card.

   The Grapevine symbolizes Strength and the Stars are a reminder, that you are "NEVER TO OLD"  to  "SHOOT FOR THE STARS"   to make all your Dreams & Wishes come true.

   The backwards bunny and friends grace the other side of the card to remind us all to ...... "LOVE ONE ANOTHER". 

      The back of my cards display my company name along with my card line logo and the backwards bunny trademark symbol.  Also, you will see other basic information such as, my web address, where my business is located and my company phone number. All card designs in "The Backwards Bunny" card line are legally copy righted and all rights are reserved.  Cards are printed on 100% recycled, card stock paper and are PROUDLY MADE IN THE U.S.A.