Art from the Heart ....

by Angie Klouser



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My Story 


    In 2015, My Dream came true and The Adventure began. This was the year that I introduced The Backwards Bunny and my whimsical, country style of art to the world. My business is named after the backwards bunny that I incorporate into every piece of art that I create.


     At age 7, my first drawing was published in the kids section of our local newspaper. It was then that I knew I wanted to share my art with others someday, but because life had become so busy over the past 30 years - my love for art was put on hold.


     When I started drawing again, it was then that I decided to make my dream of long ago come true. I soon began to aspire to put my artwork into print to share with others. I started designing my own line of greeting cards, with future plans of doing so much more. God has Blessed me with a Talent and a Special Gift and I don't want to waste it!


     If I can make just one person Smile, then I have been successful. For true happiness comes not from prosperity, but from ENJOYING THE SIMPLE THINGS in LIFE .  :0)






     If you are hoping to read that I have some big degree in art, well then you will be very disappointed to learn that I do not.  My education in art consist of nothing more than a love for drawing and creating.  Also, with that love comes alot of trial and error and alot of paper, pencils and erasers.


     God has blessed me with a talent for drawing and also a wonderful mother, who encouraged and supported me and my love for the arts. My mother was a hard working woman, who worked in a hot sewing factory everyday to support us both. She knew even at 12 years old, I had a deep passion and love for art.  One year, she saved her money and sent me to summer art classes. It was only once a week, for 8 weeks, but in those 8 weeks my life was changed. The art classes were instructed by local artist, Patricia Owens. I learned alot from her that summer about lines, angles, higlights and shadows. It was a wonderful summer and.....



    ART CAN BE SO DIVERSE with its many forms and many styles. Art can bring about so many emotions ...... such as Love, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Peace, Serenity, and Disgust. Art can bring a smile to your face or a tear to your eye. Art can show the beauty of God's creation in all it's goodness or it can show the evil and darkness that looms all around us. Art can bring people together in unity and it has bridged the gaps between age, sex, race, religion and nations throughout the ages. 


    However, my art teacher once gave me some wonderful words of advice when I asked her, " Will people like my art? "  She replied to me, "Out of 100 people, 40 people will love your artwork, 40 people will hate it and 20 people will be undecided, but don't you ever let that discourage you from doing what you love", and I haven't. 



     AN ARTISTIC ABILITY IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL GIFT TO BE GIVEN AND AN HONOR TO BE CHOSEN TO RECEIVE IT, and I DON'T WANT TO WASTE SUCH A PRECIOUS GIFT AS THAT.  I want to share it with others. I want to make people smile and I want to honor the God who gave me that beautiful gift.




2010 - present

2010 - present

     Art is as simple and wonderful as these splashes of paint that I clipped art together to form a picture. It just takes imagination.  What design or designs do you see ? Email me with your answer.  :0)

My Future Goals

      A future goal of mine is to maybe one day, have the opportunity to design a collection of Winter/ Christmas postage stamps for the United States Postal Service, and maybe even a line of greeting cards to match the stamps.  I also would like to do some illustrating for childrens books and maybe one day even design some cards for Hallmark or American Greetings . 


     As for  "The Backwards Bunny Card Line," my future goals are to keep doing what I love .... drawing and creating MY OWN LINE OF GREETING CARDS that are simple, yet fun.  Cards that bring a little bit of country life to the lights of the big city. Cards that remind us of the little things in life that we over look and take for granted everyday.  Cards that are funny but yet have encourageing words to lift the human spirit and to make the soul smile. Cards that remind us, of just how simple life can really be .  :0)