The Backwards Bunny introduces Their New Line of Whimsical Country Greeting Cards

Hello Everyone. My name is Angie and I'm the Artist, Designer and Owner of The Backwards Bunny Brand Card Line . It's always been a dream of mine to share my art with others, so in March of 2015, I aspired to begin The Dream and The Adventure.

Each Design I create has a backwards bunny in it somewhere .... either visibly seen or hidden somewhere in my artwork. As long as I can remember .... a backwards bunny has always been a part of my drawings and that is because I learned to love bunnies as a child . They are so soft and cuddly with their cute little twitchy noses . My love for bunnys came when I was an child, because my first pet was a big white rabbit with big ears and pretty pink eyes named Snowball. My mom got him for me one Easter when I was 8 years old . Haven't most had a buuny atleast once in our life time ? lol

All my cards are hand drawn, color techniqued and then taken to the printers to be printed on vintage looking 100% recycled quality kraft card stock and then turned into My Whimsical Country Greeting Cards. They are all copy righted and proudly made in the U.S.A and a card like no other on the market right now.

If you like something different ..... then you will love The Backwards Bunnys Brand and line of greeting cards and note note cards. It's art you can't help but love :0) After you have checked out my web page , email me and give me your thoughts and comments. I will always respect the comments of my fans , friends and patrons



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