New in 2016 ... Coloring Cards and Decorative Coloring Card Gift Box Sets

The Backwards Bunny has Coloring Cards and Coloring Card Gift Box Sets this year. Forget the adult coloring books out there on the market right now.

With the Backwards bunny coloring cards, not only are you getting a relaxing, stress free hobby, but you are decorating your own special greeting cards to give to all the special people in your life ..... hand decorated in your very own style and colors. What better gift than a homemade card personalized by you.

Coloring cards are $3.99 each in my store or

Get the Coloring Card Gift Box Sets in assorted gift boxes for ONLY $39.99 each.

Sets include ....

1 Decorative box

10 Coloring cards

10 White envelopes

paper fill

1 pack of 12 colored pencils

1 pencil sharpner


of course........

1 stuffed Backwards Bunny

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